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Why Computerization?

Reduce Time

  • Confused?, how software can reduce time. But it is true. First lot of primary work can be done by the help of receptionist/assistant like patient demographic information, appointment, billing, personal information, Discharge card etc.
  • While using software you can create lot of standards that can be used as and when require. Like standard prescription & advice in case of patient suffering from Hypertension. Standard complain, examination, diagnosis, advice, set of investigation, letter & certificates etc.
  • Very helpful once patient comes for follow-up visit. As you need to alter few things in previous visit.
  • lot of information can be brought in/out just by a click of mouse.
  • Use of SMS/Email reduce time in communication. Like sending thanks SMS to referring doctor, Happy Birthday Wish or New year Wish to all/selected patient.

Record Keeping

  • Help you in maintaining demographic detail of patient.
  • Billing information & 3C register can be maintained easily.
  • History of Patient just a click away.
  • Loading previous visit detail of patient.
  • Helpful in case of complain by patient, Mediclaim, & medicolegal case.

Data Analysis

  • Most important & necessary.
  • If you are using proper software, You can do clinical analysis as required. For an example, You can find out patients suffering from Hypertension, Gender: Male/Female, In age group 30 Yrs to 45 Yrs, Religion: Hindu in Ahmedabad City in Gujarat State.
  • How much antibiotic is advised in define period. You can analyze it for specific brand OR for specific molecule also.
  • Collection register.
  • Yearwise, Monthwise, Daywise analysis.


  • Once you have data, planning for Future is easy and accurate.
  • Planning for Holidays (based on next visit plan).

System & Control

  • Once you are using software, you can definitely say there is some system in place.
  • Can be used for appointment, billing, Token Display.
  • Waiting alarm at reception.

Patient Satisfaction

  • Easy to use software is helpful in maintaining eye contact with patient.
  • Reception (or appointment) help patient to feel that he has been attended.
  • Computerized Billing, Prescription with advice in regional language help easy patient understanding.
  • Use of technology gives confidence to patient.


  • We at Visual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Feel that we help our client to check their performance.
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