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Hospital Management Software

Computerization of Hospital (Same Specialty or different Specialty)
  • HMS is applicable for hospital having 50+ bed or having a reason to select HMS.
  • Available for General Hospital, Specialty Hospital, Trust Hospital, Corporate Hospital.
  • Here before starting one has to define scope of computerization. Ultimate aim should be to computerize entire setup, if possible.
  • Normally Hospital require Registration, Complete Billing Solution, Diagnostic Center, Pharmacy as first priority of computerization.
  • There are other module which are required in HMS.
  • Below are the listed module for Hospital Management System (HMS). Based on your existing setup certain module may not be required.

Front Office

  • Hospital General Information
  • Indoor Enquiry
  • Doctor Availability
  • Central Registration Module
  • Case Generation
  • Token Display System
  • Indoor Registration Module
  • Consultation Charge
  • Department Billing (in some case)
  • Package Billing (in some case)
  • SMS/Email Facility

Back Office

  • Doctor Wise/Department Wise/Procedure Wise/Package Wise Billing
  • Transfer/Discharge
  • OT Scheduling
  • Advance/Refund
  • TPA follow-up
  • Indoor Estimates
  • Diet Management
  • Final Indoor Billing
  • Doctor Payment Module as per Hospital Requirement
  • Discharge Card
  • General Inventory
  • SMS/Email Facility for Indoor Management

Additional Modules (Based on Requirement)

  • Here all module are interlinked with HMS
  • Pathology Software. More
  • Radiology Software. More
  • General Inventory Management Software. More
  • Integrated Pharmacy Software (Chemist Shop) both for OPD/IPD Patient. More
  • Blood Bank Software. More
  • Equipment Management Software. More
  • Visitor Management Software. More
  • Token Display System Software. More
  • Integrated Accounting System. More


  • Assistant Doctor EMR
  • OPD EMR (Based on Specialty)
  • Indoor EMR
    - First Hand Information
    - Day to Day Indoor Detail
    - Nursing Chart (Simple, ICU, Based on Specialty)
    - Nursing Station
    - Discharge Card
  • Indoor EMR
    - Primary/Vital Detail
    - Doctor Involved.
    - Pre/Post Operative Information
    - Anesthesia Detail
    - Operative detail


  • We have more than 200 reports available with us only for standard HMS.
  • Reporting is user specific, we keep on developing as per requirement.
  • Request to call back.
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