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How to Start?

Scope of Computerization :

There are the section where computerization can be done. Front office, Back office & clinical record (EMR).

Hardware Requirement :

You require computer at reception, administration/doctor chamber &/or other place as required.

Nothing can be done from day 1, if you are new to it. If already using some software in day to day practice then it is easy. Else after having experience of over 17 years we feel, below mention method can help you to get computerized in defined time.

Step Task Approximate Time
1 Have proper hardware in place. Now a day's cost of hardware is very low.
2 Check that diagnosis master, medicine master, advice, complain and examination in the software are as per your requirement (Specialty). 2 Hour
3 Start Registration of patient at Reception. 1 Hour
4 Start only prescription writer for patient. Just select diagnosis, medicine & advice. Print it and give it to patient. It will help you to have your own set of diagnosis, medicine & advice. You can think of using it for cronic patient for few days. 3 days
5 Start entering complain & examination of patient. 3 days
6 If collection is done at reception, receptionist can start using that part. 2 Hour
7 If you have indoor facility, start patient registration & discharge. 2 Hour
8 By this time, you can start exploring other facility in the software. As per requirement
9 Data Security - Software Rights to use, Daily Backup is important.
  • Computerization is easy and can be done in 15 days, once you see 5-10 patient through computer for 6-7 days.
  • Think of using software in the time when patient load is less or when the patient is New case.
  • Remember start is little difficult.
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