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Doctor108  for ophthalmologist is ready to meet any specific requirement for eye clinic/hospital. Used by over 1750+ ophthalmologist all over India. We have 3 version of eye software two under  Doctor108 for consultant practice & one under Hospital108.

Click here at Hospital108 for ophthalmologist if you are interested in Hospital version.

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Scope of Computerization in Doctor108 for Ophthalmologist Software.

  • Pharmacy108
  • Diagnostic108
  • Rx108 for Patient
  • Rx108 for Doctor
  • Retail108 for Optical Store

Key Features of Doctor108 for Ophthalmologist Software

1. Front Desk Management
  • Patient Registration & Searching.
  • Queue management of walk-in patient entry or by appointment or thru mobile app provided to patient.
  • Billing for visit.
  • Connecting patient via SMS on registration, appointment or billing.

2. Back Office Management
  • OT Scheduling.
  • TPA follow-up.
  • IP Billing.
  • Discharge Card.
  • Patient follow-up reminders.
  • Reports.

3. EMR (Computerization of Medical Records) for Ophthalmologist
Assistant Doctor/Technician module
  • List of patient waiting at reception
  • History taking
  • Vital Parameter of Eye
  • Risk factor/Addiction of Patient
  • Any Drug Allergy to Patient
  • Complain & Primary Examination
  • Auto Refractometer detail
  • Glass Rx & More

OPD Clinical Records
  • (In addition to asst. dr/tech. part)
  • List of Waiting Patient at Reception or Asst./Tech.
  • Complain according to Ophthalmologist
  • Examination according to Ophthalmologist
  • Personal/Family History of Patient
  • Diagnosis according to Ophthalmologist
  • Treatment/Medicine according to Ophthalmologist
  • Multiple Standard Treatment as per Diagnosis according to Ophthalmologist which include Medicine,Dosage, Days, Qty & Advice
  • Auto Refractometer Entry Option
  • Glass Prescription
  • Contact Lens/ Intra Ocular Lens/ Lasik / Perimetry Information
  • General Advice to Patient
  • Investigation Advice to Patient
  • Analysis after Investigation
  • Next Visit Plan
  • Customize Image/Document/Movie Store Option
  • Education to Patient according to Ophthalmologist
  • Complete History of Patient's Visit on Single Click
  • Rx Print in Multi Language with Customization according to Dr's Letter Pad
  • Reminder/Alert on Patient Visit
  • Display Surgical Information about patient
  • Stock Information of Medicine(Connect with our Pharmacy Software)
  • Today's Checked Patient List

Discharge Card
  • Procedure Done
  • Provisional / Final Diagnosis is ICD
  • Treatment & Follow-up Advice
  • Investigation Detail
  • Operative Steps/Details

4. Mobile APP (Connect with Patient & Clinic/Hospital)

Rx108 Mobile APP for doctors

  • View/Manage Appointment.
  • View Patient history & Prescription.
  • View OT details & Discharge Card.
  • View OT schedules.
  • View Collection for clinic/hospital.
  • Connect with Patients.

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Rx108 Mobile APP for Patient

  • Take/View appointments
  • View Last Prescription issued by doctor
  • Visit History
  • View Bills

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Doctor108 for Ophthalmologist Software Review

New Skin Cilinic

LIC Ophthalmologist

Dr. Nikita Tiwari Paldi, Ahmedabad

Best Hospital Management Software

It is a good software to use for a Hospital Management, User Friendly and also it is very recommendable to maintain the records without any paper works and also easy to maintain.