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We at Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. are busy developing healthcare solution since 1996. Basic HMS was introduced in 2004. Our advance HMS is ready to fit any size of hospital. We have 36+ different modules helpful to computerize any hospital (45-500 bedded hospital). For more information click learn more.

Scope of Hospital108

Scope of computerization varies from Hospital to Hospital. To fulfill this scope Hospital may look for one or more following things in any software

  • 1. Full fledge software for hospital
  • 2. Software to Manage Basic need like registration, billing, in-patient management & MIS Reports.
  • 3. Integrated pathology & radiology software.
  • 4. Integrated EMR for OP/IP medical records.
    • Integrated Software for Pharmacy management.
    • Integrated General Store, Ambulance Management, Visitor Management & much more
    • Mobile app to connect with hospital doctor, hospital services & management

Thus scope of computerization for any Hospital can be defined in 3 edition.

1. Hospital108 Express Edition

A solution designed & developed for Specialty Hospital or Group Practising Doctor, where there is a need of HMIS but there is limitation to number of computers & beds.

2. Hospital108 Enterprise

A solution designed for hospital, where the scope of computerization is enormous, with customization & a vision of paperless environment.

3. Hospital108 Dispensary

A solution designed for Government or Corporate Dispensary, where there is a need of HMIS for medical easy records keeping & periodic health check-up/health card.

Key Features of Hospital108

There are different departments of hospital which need computerization. Depending on scope of computerization one can decide what to do first & what next. Registration, Doctor Management, Billing, Ward Management, Pharmacy, Diagnostic & MIS are basic need for any hospital. It is possible that in certain hospital outsource Diagnostic or Pharmacy services, thus these software are available integrated or independently. Let us understand what department in hospital can be computerized.

1. Front Desk Management
Various module that comes under front desk management are as below

  • Central Registration Module
  • Token Display System
  • Visitor Management
  • OPD Billing
  • In Patient Registration
  • Packages / Estimates
  • Instant SMS/Email facilities
  • Patient Feedback

2. Healthcare Services
Various module that comes under front healthcare services are as below

  • Day Procedures
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy Management
  • OT Management
  • Patient Counselling
  • MLC Module
  • Diet Management

3. Back Office Management
Various module that comes under Back Office management are as below

  • Ward Management
  • Government Schemes & Rates
  • Price Management
  • Due/Procedure Billing
  • OT Management
  • TPA Follow-up
  • TPA/Credit/IP Billing
  • Packages / Estimates
  • Revenue Management
  • Ambulance Management
  • Camp Management
  • Discharge Card

4. EMR (Computerization of Medical Records)
Various module that comes under EMR Module are as below

  • Assistant Doctor Module
  • OPD EMR (Specialty Wise)
  • IP EMR
  • OT Detail/Summary
  • MRD Management

5. Other Important Modules
Various module that comes under Other Services are as below

  • General Store
  • Doctor payout
  • HR & Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Tally Integration
  • Canteen Management
  • Ancillary Module
  • Management, Finance, Comparison, Analytics Reports
       (100+ Reports)

6. Mobile APP
Mobile App - Patient
Mobile App – Hospital (Dr)
Mobile App - Administrative

Important about Hospital108

Excel Export
Web Based Report
Tally Export
SMS/Email Services
Mobile App
Customized Reports

Why Hospital108 by Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.?

We have about 36+ integrated modules to support any size of hospital. Time tested & user test, about 480+ hospital (Super specialty/specialty/General/Trust/Corporate/Dispensary with 65+ bed).

  • First dedicated healthcare company in INDIA, Since 1996.
  • First to introduce windows based healthcare software in 1997
  • Vertical & Specialty based software approach
  • Rx/Advice/Pre/Post Operative instruction in multi-lingual language.
  • Software based on one screen concept
  • Over 25,000 installation
  • Integrated pharmacy, diagnostic & mobile app.
  • Upgrade every 6 month.

Important Assumption in Hospital108

  • Every Patient has a unique identification number.
  • Every admission has a unique identification number.
  • Printout can be set on lazer, inject or dot matrix printer.
  • All module are interconnected & uses same patient database.
  • Provision of multi billing series in OP, IP & Receipt.
  • Internet is required for patient/mobile communication module.
  • Database used is Ms-SQL Express which is free currently by Microsoft, for more information visit
  • Hospital108 support any version of windows (tested till windows 10).
  • Excel export required Microsoft excel to view, & Tally export/interface require Tally ERP.

Sample Printouts



Hospital108 review

New Skin Cilinic

LIC Ophthalmologist (EYE)

Dr. Nikita Tiwari Paldi, Ahmedabad

Best Hospital Management Software

It is a good software to use for a Hospital Management, User Friendly and also it is very recommendable to maintain the records without any paper works and also easy to maintain.

Shivam Hospital

LIC Physician (PHY)

Dr. Rakesh Parmar Motera, Ahmedabad

One of the Best Feature!!!

Visual Hospital Management Software has been a major innovation for our group of hospitals and clinics that has ultimately allowed us to serve our patients more efficiently with help of numerous modules such as Inventory Control, 


LIC Dentist

Kishan Parmar Ahmedabad

Best Hospital Management Software

It is a good software to use for a Hospital Management, User Friendly and also it is very recommendable to maintain the records without any paper works and also easy to maintain.