About Us

Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.

Journey of Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. started in 1996 by the name “Visual Software Solution” with healthcare software. Software excusive for Ophthalmologist is the first product released in 1997, then software for Paediatrician in 1998, followed by Software for physician in 2000. Then this journey did not stopped & we continued developing more medical specialty software.

In 2001, after earth quake in Gujarat, we developed software for pharmacy to support healthcare service providers. In 2004 introduced our Hospital management system. By 2010 we have 17+ different specialty of software in healthcare & 10+ different software in retail billing industry.

In 2004, in order to fulfil our vision to support healthcare industry we named “Visual Software Solution” as “Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.”

Complete computerization or say paperless clinic/hospital is the main objective of the company. Success of pharmacy software & after VAT/GST more retail solutions where added. To streamline billing industry with ease is also a BIG objective.

Fundamental approaches toward achieving milestones

  • 1. Vertical Solution
    • a) There cannot be one software/EMR for entire healthcare industry, realizing this Visual InfoSoft Pvt Ltd focus on developing unique software for each specialty of doctors. Till date we have software for 17+ different specialty of doctors.
    • b) Also each retail industry has its own requirements apart from inventory management & accounting. Till date we have 10 different billing solution software products.
  • 2. Customer Centric Approach
    • Requirement of customer towards achieving his/her objective in business is important. We at Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. thanks & accept those customer hearth fully, who teaches as lot about their business.
  • 3. Technology
    • How can understand this more than us, we started in 1996 & introduced our first software in windows only. At Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. we deliver new version of software with added benefits & changes every six months.


Mr.Umeshkumar Shrivastav

Mr.Shrivastav did Masters of Computer Science from Sardar Patel University & Bachelors of Computer Science again from SPU. When there was a huge passion of completing Computer Degree & going abroad, Mr.Shrivastav sees opportunity in healthcare business in INDIA. Almost there was zero company focusing in Healthcare Software, Visual Software Solution (now Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.) is the first company in INDIA to deliver EMR for Eye Surgeon in 1997 in Windows environment.

Serving Healthcare Industry & Retail Billing industry is the main objective of Mr.Shrivastav from the beginning.

Mr.Shrivatav decided to explore his interest in the healthcare world & now finds immense satisfaction in helping his customer find right software solutions for their business. Customer service is his sole objective and dedication is his mantra of success.

Working Culture

Working culture as Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd is very simple, customer first approach. To fulfil this we have right set of people for each departments. Driven by highly experience people in this industry.

Healthcare industry is 24x7 support industry, we make our people work freely in these environment.

Relationship with customer is key, so we want right set of people.

Life at Visual InfoSoft